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Innovation in Grounds Maintenance - Winner: Flo-Control (GB)

Flo-Control has developed a no-spill can that deliver fuel in a very controlled way, and its innovative dead man’s handle means supply is immediately cut off when the can is dropped or knocked over. The customer list for this innovative development includes the Royal households of Sandringham and Buckingham Palace.

Institute of Groundkeepers (IOG)

""We have been using your fuel cans in our workshop for the last 6 months. We have noticed two very important things:

1. Our fuel costs have reduced dramatically being able to put a measured amount of fuel in a machine that is in for repair or sold rather than having to guess.

2. We have virtually no spills which is a big plus with health and safety.

We have also been selling the Flo [Control] cans to our customers who range from contractors to members of the public and the feed back we are getting is very positive."

Seamus Waite
Wexham Mower Services Ltd

“I discovered the Flo-Control fuel can at the annual Ribex show and was instantly impressed by the product, having owned several RIB's over the years, I often find myself topping up with fuel, the usual process is timely and cumbersome and often involves fuel being spilt on the deck.


Having invested in 2 Flo-Control cans (which I carry religiously) I am delighted to say that the “topping up” process is now a breeze.

B.Hart - Hampshire


"First saw can on The Apprentice liked the idea of actually controlling the fuel. Your can has exceeded all expectations."


"My old petrol can leaked as I poured petrol in to the mower, a worrying situation. Needless to say I did not experience any leakage problems with the [Flo-Control] it was great to be able to control the flow so very impressed and pleased with my order."


"As soon as I saw the prototype on television I wanted to get hold of one as the lack of control of a conventional can meant that the petrol regularly overflowed when I refilled the mower tank. The Flo [Control] Can has fully lived up to my hopes."


Emissions Report

Flo-Control Fuel can takes 15 seconds to deliver 5 litres of fuel.

A standard fuel can takes 87 seconds to deliver 5 litres.

During all of that time petrol fumes are being released into the atmosphere, by using a Flo-control fuel can you can reduce that pollution by nearly 85%.

Therefore, if 1 million Flo-Control fuel cans were used just once on 1 day, to empty a full 5 litres in one go (instead of the standard can), then 73 seconds per can would be saved, Which = 9.10 tonnes of grog. Equivalent of taking off the road in 24 hours 104,552 cars. (this test was carried out using several of the most popular 5 litre fuel cans, and working out an average)

This is the lowest amount of saving; you save much more with a Flo control fuel can in general use against standard fuel cans. When being used throughout the day the standard fuel cans are also often left with the spout exposed and drenched in fuel, which has fuel vapour inside, further being exposed to the atmosphere.

Further vapour would also be saved by the reduction in spillage, and the vapours that those spillages omit.

(Stats Courtesy of California Clean Air)

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