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Convenience Cans - NuCan™ & Pinpoint™ - Watering Cans

These stylish & lightweight push button controlled watering cans are designed to allow the user to regulate the flow of water. The streamline long spouts can be positioned to the exact point of watering i.e. into the core of the plant base. Delivering exactly the right amount of water to the right place, every time, ‘just like a tap’.

The PinPoint™ is ideal for watering conservatory & house plants, flowers, hanging baskets, delicates & seedlings, window boxes & plants in awkward places. The concentrated flow also keeps seeds damp for improved germination.

The NuCan™ is ideal for all watering in the garden including borders, bedding plants, greenhouses, baskets, containers & places beyond reach e.g. backs of borders. Also great for seed drills. An excellent all round gardening aid. The Nucan comes complete with rose, short spout and a medium spout. A 50cm extension spout is also available.

Both cans are also great for spot weeding, dispensing feeds & pesticides & vase filling.

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  • A Precise & accurate way to water plants, flowers & seedlings
  • Control the Flow – for light watering depress the button slightly
  • Concentrates the flow to the exact point – no more watering weeds
  • Prevents water spillage indoors & reduces wastage outdoors
  • No more overwatering or water damage to delicates & seedlings
  • Convenience – no more spills or wet arms when watering hanging baskets
  • Saves water - over traditional watering cans & hosepipes
  • Easy to use & carry – spout down with one hand
  • A gardening aid beneficial for people with back problems or disabilities
  • With 50cm extension spout, the NuCan™ is the longest can on the market

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Convenience Cans NuCan™
7 L watering can - outdoor

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Convenience Cans Pinpoint™
1.3 L watering can - indoor

NuCan watering can image - mouse over to enlarge
£15.99 + £4.00 postage

PinPont watering can image - mouse over to enlarge £12.99 + £2.60 postage

7 litre = 1.54 gal (UK) and 1.85 (US) 1.3 litre = 0.29 gal (UK) and 0.34 (US)
Max dimensions: L 54 cm | H 30 cm | W 16 cm Max dimensions: L 50 cm | H 16cm | W 11 cm


Convenience Cans NuCan™
50cm extension spout

£4.99 + £1.60 postage

This extension is excellent for backs of borders & difficult to reach places.

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